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Femme Tribe

Discover East Texas Tours (Spring 2024)

Discover East Texas Tours (Spring 2024)

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Femme Tribe holds deep appreciation for history, art, and culture. With offices now located in Crockett Texas, we're able to take advantage of not only the beautiful pine forests of East Texas, but the abundance of historic treasures, exciting local shopping and so much more. Through close collaboration with a select group of Resident Cultural Experts, enthusiastic locals, esteemed businesses, and renowned historians, we're dedicated to curating exceptional tours that authentically convey the region's untold narratives.

Our primary objective is to vividly depict a tapestry of patriotism, pride, and loyalty towards the diverse subcultures that comprise this vibrant area. To achieve this, we'll offer both day tours and overnight excursions originating from the cities of Houston, Dallas, and College Station. Anticipate an unforgettable experience as our inaugural tours become available in early Spring 2024, leaving lasting memories and fostering a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of East Texas. 

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We provide transportation to & from the campsites, camping gear, meals, guided tours & yoga sessions so you can make the most of your time in the outdoors!