The Fine Print - Individual & Group Tours

Q1. What’s included in every Femme Tribe Tour?


  • Transportation from the Femme Tribe Meeting Point to the Campgrounds & vice versa
  • Camping equipment (tent, sleeping pad, hanging lamp)
  • All campsite meals, snacks, water, fruit, fruit juices & soda.
  • Standard brunch. Kindly note that there will be a pre-organized menu specifically for Femme Tribe. Items selected outside of this preset menu will be covered at your own expense.
  • Standard wine tasting. Kindly note that there will be a pre-organized menu specifically for Femme Tribe. Items selected outside of this preset menu will be covered at your own expense.
  • Guided tours within the selected state park/private nature reserve
  • One guided yoga session.

Q2: What forms of payment are accepted.

A2: We accept all major credit cards plus PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Meta Pay.


Q3: Are there payment plans available?

A3: Yes, at checkout you will see the option for Shop Pay, which allows for a select number of interest-free payments on your purchase over time. 


Q4: Is alcohol provided as part of the Tour?

A4: Public display of alcohol at any state park is prohibited. According to the Texas Park Wildlife Department, “Public display or consumption of alcohol is prohibited. All outdoor areas within the park are public”. Thus, no alcohol will be provided at the campsite.

This rule obviously does not apply elsewhere, and if the group elects to the Brunch & Wine Tasting, alcohol will be served.

See the below link for a list of other park rules:


Q5: Are all the tours for women only?

A5: Individual tours (minimum 6 people total, max 12) are for women only. Group/Couple/Corporate Team Building tours will be co-ed.


Q6: What is the age limit for attending the tours?

A6: The minimum age requirement is 16.


Q7: I don’t drink alcohol. Can I change the Wine Tasting Option?

A7: In the case of individual tours, unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate a change in itinerary. For group tours however, we would be happy to include another fun and exciting activity in lieu of the Wine Tasting. Be sure to contact for more info on what options are available.


Q8: I would like to purchase a group tour for a special occasion. Can we customize the tour based on a specific theme or add additional services?

A8: Absolutely! Our group tours offer the most flexibility when it comes to itinerary changes & possible add on services. If you are celebrating a special occasion, have a specific theme in mind and wish to make it memorable, contact provide your selected tour date, location, number of guests, occasion and wish list, and we will confirm what can be included, or what will require an additional charge.


Q9: I have specific dietary restrictions or allergies. Will I be able to customize my meals.

A9: Safety is paramount; thus we will ensure that accommodations are made for persons with food allergies. Vegetarian meals will also be provided upon request.


Q10: I do not have a dietary restriction or allergy, but practice veganism. Will I be able to customize my meals?

A10: Unfortunately for individual tours it would be challenging to commit to providing an entirely vegan experience if the other guests are not. If however, you are part of a Group Tour where other guests are vegan, you would definitely have the option of customizing a menu to meet your dietary needs.