The Fine Print ~ Camping Under the Stars

Femme Tribe Tours & Travel is all about community, so what better way to foster community than a night spent together under the stars!

For any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at This series starts October 14th, 2023, and every second Saturday of each month at 4:00pm CST through 12:00pm noon on Sunday (following day).

Q1: What’s included in the Camping under the Stars experience?

A1: Come join Femme Tribe founder & landowner Shannon, as she hosts a small group every two weeks in Crockett, Texas. The idea is to not only offer an affordable weekend escape, but an opportunity to use ecotherapy for decompressing after a hectic work week!

Whether you're wanting to be left alone or to camp with a buddy, you'll have 11 acres to share with no more than 10 people - all of whom will bring their own tents, gear, and fun attitude. No meals, refreshments, camping, electrical or cooking equipment will be provided by Femme Tribe Tours, but if we got a pot of coffee brewing, you’re more than welcome to have a mugful! Additionally, if you do require any special equipment, please let us know after booking and we can support with either rentals or recommendations for purchase.

No meals are included in this stay, but we do offer breakfast coupons which can be redeemed at a local coffee shop & bakery downtown Crockett. Dinners can also be arranged on a case-by-case and based on dietary flexibility. Please discuss with Customer Care directly after booking.

Q2: Is this a dry camping facility?

A2: Absolutely yes! For beginners, this means no running water, flushing toilets, or electricity. We’re in the process of installing a minimalist compost toilet with access to water for showering.

Unfortunately, this may not be ready for our events in October so a portable shower bag & compost bucket will be provided. You're more than welcome to bring your own personal equipment where we can arrange compliant disposal. Please be sure to discuss this information with Customer Care after booking.

There is no electricity on the property, but lamps and firewood can be provided upon arrival.

Camper Etiquette & Expectations

Please remember this is private land so trespassing is strictly prohibited. Price per tent (max 2 persons per tent) is $55.00 per night, and the names of each guest must be provided at time of booking/prior to arrival. Trespassers will be asked to leave.

Our groups are small for a reason; we value the quiet of nature so loud music, large parties, disruptive events will not be tolerated or accommodated.

Please remember this is pristine, no-frills, private land, so leave it exactly as you've found it. That includes respecting the animals in the area.

Q3: What forms of payment are accepted.

A3: We accept all major credit cards plus PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay & Meta Pay.


Q4: Are there payment plans available?

A4: Yes, at checkout you will see the option for Shop Pay, which allows for a select number of interest-free payments on your purchase over time. 


Q5: Who can attend?

A5: - Currently we're only accepting female solo campers, but in the near future our overnight stays in Crockett will feature couples & small groups. The minimum age requirement is 16, and furry friends are welcome - in fact, highly encouraged :).

Q6: What is the age limit for attending the tours?

A6: The minimum age requirement is 16.


Q7: I would like to purchase a group tour for a special occasion. Can we customize the tour based on a specific theme or add additional services?

A7: Absolutely! Our group tours offer the most flexibility when it comes to itinerary changes & possible add on services. If you are celebrating a special occasion, have a specific theme in mind and wish to make it memorable, contact provide your selected tour date, location, number of guests, occasion and wish list, and we will confirm what can be included, or what will require an additional charge. 

Q8: I have specific dietary restrictions or allergies. Will I be able to customize my meals. 

A8: Safety is paramount; thus, we will ensure that accommodations are made for persons with food allergies. Vegetarian meals will also be provided upon request.


Q9: I do not have a dietary restriction or allergy, but practice veganism. Will I be able to customize my meals? 

A9: Unfortunately for individual tours it would be challenging to commit to providing an entirely vegan experience if the other guests are not. If, however, you are part of a Group Tour where other guests are vegan, you would definitely have the option of customizing a menu to meet your dietary needs.