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Free Movie Nights every 3rd Thursday of the Month! 

Blockbusters and Educational Films at The Shops on 2nd Ave!

Free Movie Night at The Shops on 2nd Ave


Special thanks to Crockett Springs Real Estate for sponsoring popcorn for the event!


Discover the Story Behind Tiffany's Motivation to Shine Bright through Rainbow Lemonade.

"We started this business in remembrance of all the strong divine women in our bloodline. Black girls matter and our excellence is never silent. I was raised by elders instilled in us that consistent dedication and respect is motive to succeed in anything in life. We are a strong family of legacies. I never forget where I came from to remind us to stay humble. We were raised to believe in God along with the pure love of one another. Children are the ways of the world and they’re our precious hope for the future. Children learn what they live so we have to pass down that dignified legacy to each generation in our family. Together we’re strong. Guided by God we will never steer wrong! Harmony has been venting for the past two years now and she created the name herself referring to the biblical meanings of rainbow and unicorns meaning magical joy of abundance and peace. She wants the world to know her late great grandmother’s “Pollie Pop” Lemonade is homemade freshly squeezed by her tiny hands ✨ she works very hard to continue her legacy to one day own a building to share with her older brother De’ Undrick and her baby brother Cannon to defeat the unnecessary cycles of struggle for warriors of God. She’s brilliant, brave and boldly unique to be Little Miss Harmony." 

Check out the Mother + Daughter Duo that's Redefining Flavor in East Texas 


The pies EVERYONE is talking about!