About Femme


A last-minute solo female tour to Washington State is how it all started. For several days Shannon, our founder, connected with a group of dynamic women in some of the most pristine environments our country has to offer. It was there she found community; women creating a safe space to explore & challenge themselves in the outdoors. For weeks following the tour she questioned how she could have offered female friends & family the same experience. Not only did she want to recreate the feeling of community, but provide people she cared about with an avenue to decompress & recharge themselves. This is how the idea of Femme Tribe got started.

Not only will Femme Tribe bring you closer to nature, but our goal is to create a safe space for you to connect with other women who are all on a journey to restore balance or explore their passions for the outdoors. 



Each wellness tour is carefully tailored to ensure the right balance of relaxation, recharge, excitement, engagement & physical activity. All you have to do is show up with your personal equipment, some of what we will recommend, and your fun attitude to ensure that not only you, but your fellow campers can have a meaningful experience.

From the time you are picked up at our Femme Tribe Meeting Point, and throughout the weekend, we will ensure that you are not only provided with a well-organized itinerary & reliable camping equipment, but are given ample opportunity to network with other women, spend time on your own, enjoy delicious campsite meals and engage with nature. 

Our tour guides will be the ultimate facilitators; there to ensure your safety & care, while providing you with valuable information about the organization, our purpose, the campsite & tips for enjoying nature in all its splendor. They will provide guided yoga sessions and hikes throughout the camp location. 



Empower & Inspire Others – providing clients with affordable, memorable & safe excursions to the outdoors to help decompress/recharge. Not only will they recharge, but in some instances learn vital skills for flourishing in natural environments, through survival skills courses and coaching by our trained guides. Empowerment also extends to our employees, business partners, subcontractors, and extended community. Our very existence as a company should create opportunities for other employees to learn new skills and gain useful professional experience, increase B2B commercial opportunities in the local communities, or provide a town with increased visitors to boost their tourism and allow their local economies to flourish.

Keep Passion at the Coreour company is all about empowering others to find a mental balance so they can return to doing what they love. A life without passion is a mere existence, so we will ensure that passion is translated into the services offered to customers, and the culture that employees experience throughout the organization.

Give Back & Plant Seeds for Success – for many underserved communities, recreational outdoor activities are a luxury, and many people don’t discover them until they’ve reached adulthood. Even then, the high costs and lack of exposure makes it difficult for individuals to even know what is available, let alone understand how to start/get involved. This was the case for the owner & founder.

Many families already have the hard task of providing basic needs, so recreation/entertainment usually gets no priority. Femme Tribe wants to get parents & their kids involved early on to discover the wonders of the outdoors, and the positive impact it can have on a child or even parent’s growth and development. The idea is to break generational barriers by introducing new and exciting hobbies and expand the horizon of possibilities for youths/families in poverty. Femme Tribe will work with and alongside community outreach programs to help bring awareness of the benefits of the outdoors.

Operate sustainably; it’s our Duty – our company will focus on minimizing its impact on the environment, by reducing overhead costs (office buildings, fleet vehicles, etc.), supplying ethically sourced materials for store merchandize, and reducing waste where possible.